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SoftO2 enables efficient agile software engineering.
We advise, train and coach to build high-value software with short lean times and intrinsic quality. The pillars of our modern approach are people skills, efficient methods, a transparent culture and collaborative tools.


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With 500+ clients in 25+ countries, SoftO2 is a trusted partner for agile software engineering that works. We advise, train and coach teams to build high-value software with short lead times and exceptional quality. The pillars of our modern approach are people skills, efficient methods and tools, collaborative organisation patterns and a transparent culture. As a result, our clients report impressive scores on customer satisfaction, agility and workforce motivation.



What We Do



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How We Approach Agile

SoftO2 takes a total and end-to-end approach to Agile migration. We address both the Adoption of new methods and organisation structures and Transformation of mindset and culture.

We observe the highest success rates when kicking off with an Agile migration strategy. This will ensure readiness, an early Agile mindset shift, thought-out initial Agile methods, and a smart organisation structure changes that reflect the new way of working. We assess and advise to guide organisations through this critical stage.

We train everyone because methods such as Scrum have many nuances and individual roles need to learn new practices—WSJF prioritisation, Agile vision creation, story mapping, test-driven development and shift-left testing to name a few.

Agile migrations are drastic and require handholding during the first iterations. Efficient coaching by experienced practitioners can make a huge difference, even if this is only done during the very first iterations or during key events such as iteration planning. 



Why We Are Different

We are a grown company

Since 2001, our trainers and coaches are not only certified but also have designed 50+ authentic courses for teams and roles. With a polished coaching methodology, we have helped 150+ clients to make huge improvement leaps.

The track record: 500+ clients, 98%* positive training feedback, 100%* recurring coaching clients.
* based on NPS calculation

We treat each client uniquely

Custom-fit training and coaching has become our inherent approach and art because we acknowledge that each organisation and team has unique needs. Our training courses have unique visual content for real-world usage. 

We listen to goals carefully, assess the starting state, design the right training coach the most powerful methods, tools and changes for the specific case at hand. 

We care about work values

trustworthy and dependable in all we do

create superior value for our clients

maximise sharing, minimise bureaucracy

learn and improve continuously



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How We Address Multi-Team Agile

Multi-team enterprises are discovering the benefits of scaling up Agile from the IT team level to the rest of the organisation. agileXL ( is our own specialised team that is certified and experienced in implementing custom-fit ecosystems with scaled Agile frameworks such as SAFe and LeSS, and organisation structures such as the Spotify model. 



SoftO2 Resources & BLOG

We love to share information. SoftO2 Resources & Blog includes useful checklists, flash cards, articles, insights, and ideas that can help you with your Agile journey.




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