Lean Enterprise Agile Scaling

Align > Scale > Fit.

Organisations only truly maximize their potential when Lean-Agile is implemented end-to-end and organisation-wide. With a collaborative culture, non-hierarchical organization networks and multi-level lifecycle methods, we help scale Agile to business strategy, programs, teams, and the supporting groups such Sales, Finance and HR.


Scaling models & frameworks as the backbone

Our experience is that frameworks and models with aligned multi-level methods and cross-organizational networks are often helpful during the initial stage. We specialize in the Schneider/Lalaonde Culture Mapping, Tribe/Squad Organization Design, SAFe and DSDM. Since each context is unique, we customize these models for an optimal fit.


Agile scaling elements


Agile scaling goes beyond multi-level Scrum and involves the entire organization including non-R&D. Within frameworks and models, we implement scaling elements that we carefully select and design for each case based on the client’s strategic objectives, size, technology, culture, and current challenges.


SoftO2 value propositions


Our value proposition is to assess, strategise, plan, design, train, implement, and coach your Agile scaling initiativ—based on your goals, size, culture, technology and customers. We combine your experience as domain experts with our experience as Agile scaling gurus. Together, we create an insanely effective software delivery lifecycle for your stakeholders and your organisation.