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Delft, ZH, 2628 ZD



Scaling & Digital Transformation is a SoftO2 spin-off with one specialisation and focus: Agile Scaling for Digital Transformation.
We are certified SAFe Program Consultants (SPC4) and experts at leading Lean-Agile transformations organisation-wide. We go beyond applying standard scaling frameworks (SAFe, Nexus, LeSS, Spotify, XSCALE, hybrid) and DevOps; we also transform the mindset, culture, corporate governance, collaboration environment and talent management. 

agileXL: Lean-Agile Scaling for Digital Transformation

agileXL is a team inside SoftO2 with one specialisation and focus: Organisation-Wide Agility for Digital Transformation.
We are certified SAFe Program Consultants (SPC4) and experts at organisation-wide Lean-Agile culture, team organisation, and processes. We custom-fit scaling frameworks (SAFe, Nexus, LeSS, Spotify, XSCALE, hybrid), plan and execute DevOps, and institutionalise a Lean-Agile mindset and culture in the organisation end-to-end: with business/engineering collaboration, multi-disciplinary teams, and Lean-Agile HRM and Finance alignment.

Why Create Leanness and Agility organisation-wide?

Digital organisations can only maximise their potential when Lean and Agile are implemented end-to-end and organisation-wide. We need culture, roles and processes to align business strategy, programs, teams, and the supporting groups such HRM and Finance/Budgeting. Examples include Kanban-based portfolios; value streams rather than projects; program-level governance that empowers rather than dictates; and DevOps with continuous delivery to operations . We need a 'Lean-Agile Organisation'. agileXL assists companies to achieve this organisation-wide agility. 





Based on your goals, size, culture, technology and customers, we strategise, plan, design, train, implement, and coach the right scaled framework for your organisation. We combine proven techniques from established models (e.g. SAFe 4.x, Spotify, Nexus, LeSS, XSCALE) with our experience as enterprise coaches and your experience as domain experts. Together, we create an insanely effective software delivery lifecycle for your stakeholders and your teams.