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Agile Training Courses

Lean-Agile Cultural Transformation — for Human Resources (HR) · 2 days [M5]

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Lean-Agile Cultural Transformation — for Human Resources (HR) · 2 days [M5]

from 78.00

Get an understanding of the Lean mindset and Agile values, life cycle and roles in order to actively participate in a company's Agile journey. Learn how to renew company culture, organisation patterns, KPIs, performance management, hiring, training, career paths, office layouts and more in order to help create an end-to-end Agile organisation.

Duration: 2 days / 4 evenings / 14 hours
Audience: HR Managers, HR Specialists, C-Level Executives, Directors, Managers, Change Agents, Coaches, Scrum Masters
Certification: Upon training completion
Courseware licensing: 3 months or perpetual

Learning Cases and Simulations:
 Lean-Agile values compared with current company culture
 Collaborative KPIs and motivation methods for Agile teams
 Hiring for creativity, collaboration, and entrepreneurial spirits
Training curriculum design for Agile roles
Performance management and 360 degree feedback
 Office layouts suitable for Agile teams

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1 · Lean-Agile Philosophy & Transformation

  • Lean-Agile values and principles
  • Scrum and Kanban life cycle overviews
  • Lean-Agile adoption and transformation process
  • Lean-Agile Enterprise and HR
  • Experiences in the industry

2 · Lean-Agile Organisation & Communication Patterns

  • Cross-company multidisciplinary teams
  • Social relationship development
  • Case: Spotify tribes, squads, chapters and guilds
  • Collaborative office layouts
  • Visualisation and face-to-face communication

3 · Lean-Agile Hiring

  • The key traits of good Lean-Agile team players
  • Lean leadership
  • Generalists, specialists and non-conformists
  • Interviewing for collaboration, and entrepreneurial spirits

4 · Agile High Performance Organisation (HPO) Development

  • HPO framework in the Lean-Agile context
  • How to create a Lean Mindset
  • How to increase employability
  • How to improve collaboration & team dynamics

5 · Agile Performance & Career Management

  • Objectives for Agile individuals and teams
  • KPI alignment for intra and inter team collaboration
  • Reflection, self-reflection, and feedback
  • Continuous improvement & innovation

6 · Agile Training & Coaching

  • Permanent learning and improvement mechanisms
  • Agile training curriculum design
  • How to select and work with an external Agile coach

Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish

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