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Agile Training Courses

SAFe 4.0/4.5 For Teams with SP Certification · 2 days [M7]


SAFe 4.0/4.5 For Teams with SP Certification · 2 days [M7]

from 2,699.00

This two-day course teaches teams who are part of an Agile Release Train (ART) how to work in a SAFe environment using Scrum/Kanban/XP , and how to run a Program Increment (PI).

SAFe Practitioner (SP) certification is obtained upon passing an exam. 

Duration: 2 days / 4 evenings / 14 hours
Audience: Agile Teams and all stakeholders of an Agile Release Train including Product Owners, Business Analysts, UX Specialists, Release Train Engineers, Scrum Masters, Developers, Test Developers, and Functional Testers.
Certification: SAFe Practitioner (SP) certification upon passing an exam.

 Scaled Agile Framework overview and concepts
 Architectural Runway and Set Based Design
 Agile Release Train (ART)
 Program Increment objectives and (PI) planning
 Agile Team construction
 Iteration planning
 Iteration execution
 Program Increment Execution
 Inspect and adapt

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  • Module 1: Introducing the Scaled Agile Framework
  • Module 2: Building an Agile Team
  • Module 3: Planning the Iteration
  • Module 4: Executing the Iteration
  • Module 5: Planning the Program Increment

Professional Benefits

  • Become a certified SAFe Practitioner (SP)
  • Get access to the worldwide SA community


For those who intend to take the SP certification exam:

  • 1+ years experience in software development, testing, business analysis, product or project management

The SoftO2|agileXL Training Experience

  • Expert instructor with track record
  • High-quality course materials
  • Templates, bonus slides and resource materials
  • 12 months of Q&A support

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