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Agile Training Courses

Agile HR, People & Culture Transformation — with HR AGILIST Certificate [eCourse]

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Agile HR, People & Culture Transformation — with HR AGILIST Certificate [eCourse]

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Summary: How Lean-Agile are you in HR? Learn in this course how you can redefine HR strategy and practices to contribute and thrive in a modern Agile organization.

Content: 26 videos, instruction slides, exercises.
Duration: 10-12 hours
Audience: HR Managers & Specialists, Managers, Change Agents, Coaches, Scrum Masters, Project Managers, Team Leads
Certificate: HR AGILIST

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✓ Lean-Agile mindset and culture attributes
✓ HR role shift: 'how' and 'what' to undertake
✓ Culture assessment and mapping with the Schneider model
✓ Behaviour change management
✓ Management 3.0
✓ Kanban board for recruitment
✓ Job profiling with mindmap
✓ Goal setting with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
✓ The 5 roles to which performance influencing applies
✓ Personality evaluation with Five Factor Model
✓ Engagement surveys with Gallup's questions
✓ Reiss Motivation Profile model usage
✓ HR activities to move from traditional to Lean-Agile L&D
✓ Learning formats and types








Bruce Schoor SoftO2 Trainer/Coach

Bruce Schoor
SoftO2 Trainer/Coach

Bruce Schoor, M.Sc.
Bruce Schoor is an advisor, coach and trainer with 20+ years of software engineering experience in the industry. He has helped more than 250 teams to improve effectiveness and agility. Bruce is a Lean-Agile guru and active trainer and coach in organisational culture, design and methods.
Bruce grew up in The Netherlands where he completed a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electrical and Software Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology. Since then he has lived in 5 countries and speaks 6 languages fluently.



1 · Lean-Agile Philosophy & Life Cycles

  • Agile values and principles
  • Scrum and Kanban life cycle methods
  • Lean values and principles
  • Lean-Agile transformation process
  • Experiences in the industry

2 · The Lean-Agile HR Role

  • Lean-Agile needs for HR
  • HR role shift
  • New key HR practices
  • Gemba walks and retrospectives

3 · Lean-Agile Mindset, Culture & Organization Changing

  • Culture assessment, mapping and targeting
  • Behaviour change steps
  • Lean-Agile organization structure redesign
  • Management 3.0 and Lean leadership
  • Gallup's engagement survey

4 · Lean-Agile Talent Acquisition & Nurturing

  • Holistic talent acquisition journey
  • Lean-Agile recruitment manifesto
  • Recruitment execution
  • Five Factor Model (FFM) and personality evaluation
  • Reiss Motivation Profile

5 · Agile Employee Engagement & Performance Influencing

  • Lean-Agile performance influencing versus management
  • Performance as a Scrum life cycle
  • Goal setting with OKRs
  • Lean-Agile reward strategies and salary formulas

6 · Lean-Agile Learning & Development

  • Lean-Agile L&D drivers
  • Concrete L&D activities that HR can undertake
  • Personalized, social and micro learning
  • Lean-Agile L&D tools