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Agile Training Courses

Lean-Agile Project Management, Planning & Tracking — for Scrum Masters & Project Managers · 2 days [G1]


Lean-Agile Project Management, Planning & Tracking — for Scrum Masters & Project Managers · 2 days [G1]

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Learn how to plan and track at release/project and team/iteration level including release forecasting, story point sizing, task estimating and progress tracking.

Duration: 2 days / 4 evenings / 14 hours
Audience: Scrum Masters, Project Managers, Development Managers & Leads, QA/Test Managers & Leads
Certification: Upon training completion
Courseware licensing: 3 month or perpetual

Learning Cases and Simulations:
✓ Agile project management
Set up a planning process and tools with product and team backlogs
✓ Create a cadence for iterations, backlog grooming and integrations
Set up Scrum iterations or Kanban cycles with goals and events
Perform planning poker and size story with story points
Handle complexity and uncertainty at story and task level
✓ Estimate story task efforts
Integrate collaborative testing activities
✓ Plan legacy bug fixing
Enable real-time tracking with taskboards and burndown charts
✓ Deal with late tasks and drive recovery

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1 · Agile/Scrum Framework

  • Agile principles and planning strategies
  • Backlogs, stories, tasks, bugs and more
  • Scrum planning levels: release, iteration and daily
  • Lessons learnt from industry experiences

2 · Release Planning and Estimating

  • Release estimating steps
  • Product backlog management and forecasting
  • Iteration sequencing strategies and iteration length
  • Calculating team velocity
  • Story sizing techniques: triangulating, planning poker, and others
  • Anticipating changes, large or complex stories, and uncertainties

3 · Iteration/Sprint Planning and Estimating

  • Iteration planning meeting: steps and proven practices
  • Breaking down stories to tasks
  • Team versus individual estimates and commitments
  • Combined task estimation techniques to maximize accuracy
  • Dealing with uncertain tasks
  • Estimating bug fixes and special tasks

4 · Agile Scheduling

  • Integrating all cross-functional team tasks
  • Iteration patterns to help stay on track
  • When to fix defects?
  • Incorporating dependencies, risks and uncertainties
  • Agile endgame best practices

5 · Agile Tracking

  • Agile tracking strategies - real-time and automation
  • Scrum meetings and other driving mechanism
  • Burndown, velocity and essential metrics to track
  • Early delay detection and recovery tactics
  • Tracking and managing changes
  • How to use retrospectives to improve estimation performance

Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish

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