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Agile Training Courses

Course: DevOps Strategies, Planning and Execution · 2 days [S8]


Course: DevOps Strategies, Planning and Execution · 2 days [S8]

from 78.00

Strategise, plan and execute a DevOps transformation to achieve cross-company collaboration and a Continuous Delivery Pipeline. All components are addressed: culture, processes, tools and data monitoring.

Duration: 2 days / 4 evenings / 14 hours
Audience: Executives, Change Agents, Coaches, Development Managers, Development Leads, QA/Test Managers, QA/Test Leads, Ops Managers, Ops Leads, Project Managers
Certification: Upon training completion
Courseware licensing: 3 or 12 months subscription

Learning Cases and Simulations:
 Assess DevOps readiness
Facilitate a DevOps workshop with value stream analysis
Establish DevOps target metrics
✓ Create a DevOps program roadmap
✓ Foster cultural changes
✓ Design collaborative processes
Introduce Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
Create version control for everything
Choose tools stacks for DevOps
Implement operations monitoring
Initiate Continuous integration and testing

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1. DevOps: What & Why?

  • What is DevOps? (incl. "the continuous four")
  • What challenges does DevOps solve?
  • How have different organisations implemented DevOps?

2. Redefined Culture and Roles

  • Shared goals and awareness between Engineering and Ops
  • Everything continuous and reconstructable
  • Infrastructure is part of the productScrum overview, stories and sprints

3: Redefined Processes

  • 12-factor best practices
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous delivery
  • Continuous testing
  • Continuous monitoring

4. Redefined Environments & Tools?

  • Infrastructure under version control
  • Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)
  • Automated provisioning
  • DevOps tools stacks

5. What does DevOps mean for QA?

  • How does testing fit in the DevOps life cycle?
  • Shift-left testing and shared testing ownerships
  • Evolving from automated to continuous testing
  • More defect prevention

6. DevOps Program Strategy

  • DevOps goals and target metrics
  • Organising and driving a DevOps strategy workshop
  • Value stream mapping of the Engineering-to-Ops pipeline
  • The DevOps roadmap

7: DevOps Program Execution

  • DevOps implementation teams
  • DevOps initiatives execution planning
  • DevOps program governance practices