Course: Unit Testing with C++ and C# · 2 days [D3]

Course: Unit Testing with C++ and C# · 2 days [D3]

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Learn how to create unit tests in C++ and C#.

Duration: 2 days / 4 evenings / 14 hours
Audience: Developers, Development Leads & Managers, Test Developers, Scrum Masters
Certification: Upon training completion
Courseware licensing: 3 months or perpetual

Learning cases and programming katas:
 Fit unit testing in an Agile life cycle
 Set unit test boundaries and coverage
 Deal with dependencies
 Write unit tests with AAA pattern
Use unit testing frameworks (JUnit and others)
 Use mock objects and isolation frameworks
✓ Organise and execute unit tests

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1. Agile Testing Transformation

  • Testing as part of "Definition of Done"
  • Shift-left testing & early test automation
  • Agile testing, shared ownership and collaboration
  • Test-driven development (TDD)

2. Unit testing concepts

  • Selecting the right unit boundaries
  • Creating a basic unit test
  • Characteristics of good unit tests
  • Unit testing frameworks
  • Dependencies and test doubles

3. Unit Testing and Refactoring Techniques

  • State-based and interaction testing
  • How to break dependencies
  • Using stubs in C++ and C#
  • Using mocks in C++ and C#
  • Isolation frameworks
  • Working with legacy code

4. Writing unit test code

  • Mapping test code to application code
  • Writing good test code
  • Arrange-act-assert unit test design pattern
  • Creating a fake object dynamically
  • Building a test API

5. Organizing and Executing Unit Tests

  • Using hierarchies and automation
  • Organizing, automating and executing
  • Measurement of unit testing goodness

6. Test-Driven Development (TDD)

  • TDD core principles and techniques
  • How to decide whether TDD is a good investment
  • TDD tools

7. Unit Testing Frameworks and Tools

  • Unit testing frameworks: NUnit
  • Mocking frameworks case: Moq
  • Execution environments

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