Glossary of Agile/Scrum Concepts & Terms

Product Owner PO person responsible for the product content; owns the product backlog
Scrum Master person who facilitates, applies process, ensures communication and removes obstacles
Agile Team scrum team, Team cross-functional group of BAs, developers, testers & others who construct during iteration
epic initiative, super story group of related features, spanning one or more iteration within one release
feature requirement capability for a stakeholder, usually decomposed into multiple stories
user story story functionality (whole or partial feature) that is implemented inside an iteration
task effort effort by a team member to implement a story, often estimated in hours
product backlog PB prioritised list of product features and stories, owned by the PO
sprint backlog iteration/team backlog list of stories and tasks for one iteration, owned by a team
backlog grooming story elaboration activity of the team to elaborate stories and re-prioritize the product backlog
planning poker story sizing session in which all team members vote on story points for a set of stories
story points Fibonacci numbers (1,2,3,5,8,...) used for relative sizing of stories
spike enabler story time-boxed analysis or other effort during an iteration to prepare an upcoming story
sprint iteration short timebox (e.g. 2-4wks) in which a team plans and delivers a set of stories
sprint planning iteration planning meeting in which the team accepts stories and estimates tasks for the upcoming iteration
daily standup scrum meeting 15-20 min. daily team meeting, standing up, to synchronise on progress and obstacles
burndown chart burndown chart that shows task effort or stories completed versus elapsed time
sprint review iteration review demo & feedback session of the completed stories at the end of an iteration
sprint retrospective retro lessons learned session in which the team reviews and initiates process improvements
product increment PI, iteration increment tangible addition of functionality produced during an iteration
business value productivity, quality or financial gain for the end-user after implementation of a story
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