Individual eLearning (Self-paced Video eCourses)

Our Self-paced video learning format is suitable for individuals who desire to learn on-demand, instructor-led, and with a personalised sequence and speed. There is no need to reserve full-day time blocks and travel. Video ecourses are our most cost-efficient format.

Personalized And Instructor-led At The Same Time

SoftO2 LMS

video ecourse intro - medium.png

We deliver our video ecourses via a Learning Management System platform, powered by Thinkific. Running on PCs, tablets and mobile devices, this LMS supports interactive content including videos, whiteboard support, and active student participation through clickable training objects, quizzes and community discussions.


On-demand lessons in any sequence

In the video ecourse format, students encounter the same modules and lessons as in the classroom formats. Learning alternates between instruction, examples, discussion, cases and exercises. In addition, the LMS permits a flexible lesson sequence including stopping (e.g. mid-video) and resuming on another device.


How To Get Started

Select and order the video ecourse
Browse the video ecourse catalog, open the preferred course title, and purchase the course.

Receive enrollment confirmation and instructions to get started
SoftO2 sends an email message with instructions to enter the LMS and start the eCourse.