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Our Self-paced format is suitable for individuals who desire instructor-led training but without the need to travel and free up entire days. Self-paced individual training is also more economic than public individual training.

Individual eLearning (Self-paced eCourses)

Our Self-paced learning format is suitable for individuals who desire to complete instructor-delivered courses or separate modules with a personalised sequence and speed. There is no need to reserve full-day time blocks and travel. Self-paced individual learning is also more economic than other training formats.

self-paced And Instructor-led At The Same Time


SoftO2 Learning Management System (LMS)

We deliver self-paced elearning with a modern approach through our video-based Learning Management System (LMS). This LMS platform, powered by Thinkific, can be run on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. You will find rich and interactive content, classroom-style instruction through whiteboards, videos and narration, as well as active student participation through clickable training objects, quizzes and community discussions.

Note that the module coverage in the self-paced format is identical to that of the public individual format — i.e. as announced in the course description. Topics are taught by an instructor in an alternating instruction and case/simulation/exercise mode. In addition, the LMS for self-paced training permits a flexible sequence including stopping (e.g. mid-video) and resuming on another device.


How To Get Started

All courses from the SoftO2 course catalog are available in the self-paced format. These are the steps to take:

Select the course
Browse the course catalog and open the preferred course title.

Choose the "Self-paced" format
In the dropdown box, select "Self-paced training - zone 1/2/3".
Each country belongs to a zone. After selection, the price is displayed.  

Order the course
Click the "Add to cart & Register" button. Go to the store checkout to pay and confirm.