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Delft, ZH, 2628 ZD




SoftO2 enables efficient agile software engineering.
We advise, train and coach to build high-value software with short lean times and intrinsic quality. The pillars of our modern approach are people skills, efficient methods, a transparent culture and collaborative tools.


SoftO2, your trusted Lean-Agile partner

Reach impressive customer value, effectiveness, agility and employee experience. We have helped 500+ clients achieve this. As a partner for software and non-IT, we advise execs, train & coach teams and grow individuals. Our pillars are culture, skills and methods.


What We Do



by WhoM WE ARE Trusted



How We Approach Lean-Agile

SoftO2 takes a holistic and end-to-end approach covering both culture, organisation design and work methods.

We advise and facilitate to build a change strategy through readiness assessment and strategy workshops.
We build skills to prepare everyone with our own 30+ Lean-Agile courses with 4 delivery formats. 
We coach changes such as guiding the initial story backlogs, iterations, collaborations and retrospectives.



HOW We Are Different

We are a grown company


  • Founded: 2001
  • Trainer-coaches: 6
  • Trained: 2200+ persons, +94 NPS
  • Coached: 150+ teams, +98 NPS

We treat each client uniquely


  • Goal and assessment-based advice
  • Personalized courses & formats
  • Need-based coaching
  • Scaled-to-fit enterprise Lean-Agile

We care about work values


  • Reliability & dependability
  • Focus & dedication
  • Transparency & collaboration
  • Innovation & open-mindedness


Most Popular Courses



Lean-Agile mindset and culture

We treat Lean-Agile mindset and culture change as a prerequisite for implementing any of the Lean-Agile methods and practices. We have therefore developed coaching experience and designed courses specifically related to people and culture.

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Lean-Agile for multiple teams

Enterprises with multiple departments and teams are discovering the benefits of scaling up Lean-Agile from the IT team level to the rest of the organisation. agileXL ( is our own specialised team that is certified and experienced in implementing custom-fit ecosystems for multiple teams and departments, using SAFe, Spotify or a hybrid model.



SoftO2 Resources & BLOG

We love to share information. SoftO2 Resources & Blog includes useful checklists, flash cards, articles, insights, and ideas that can help you with your Agile journey.



Self-paced Learning Format: Instructor-TAUGHT, personalISED, Economic  

For individuals who wish to receive instructor-led training at their own rhythm, SoftO2 now offers courses in a self-paced format with identical coverage of topics.  Self-paced training allows for a flexible sequence and pace, and is delivered through our Learning Management System (LMS) platform. Rich online content, high interactivity, and a modern learning approach.





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