Company Mission & Profile




"Create sustainable software engineering performance that delights stakeholders, users, and employees."


Background & Profile

In order to achieve high performance, organisations often attempt the use of textbook software engineering frameworks and methods including standard Scrum. This has proven to be challenging given that each case is unique, with its specific business needs, culture, resources, technology, stakeholders, end users and constraints.

SoftO2 addresses these challenges. We guide our clients with custom-fit changes and lead Lean-Agile transformations. Always perfectly aligned with the goals, culture and technical parameters. In addition, we take an organic approach—holistic, well-balanced, and culture-aware.

Our clients have reached extraordinary results—increased productivity & velocity, shorter lead times, high agility in handling changes, and superior quality that is built in naturally. These successes are sustainable because we help develop in-house competence with a continuous improvement mentality and intrinsic motivation.


Who We Are


The Team
6 experts who have mastered their métier in premier software engineering firms.

The Services
Custom-fit assessment & advicetraining , and coaching and scaling; with skills, methods and mindset as a means.



The Track Record
500+ clients in 40+ countries, agile since 2004, 99.5+% positive training feedback.

The Passion
Disrupt and innovate software engineering to delight our clients. Work extremely well, lean, and reliably.


The Journey