In-Company Team Training

SoftO2 delivers onsite and live online training to teams that wish to improve skills. Through needs analysis and customisation, we ensure a perfect fit between the client’s environment and the delivered training — using simple, systematic and transparent steps. Team training is cost-effective for team sizes of 6 and up.

Courses for in-house executive teams, HR teams, Agile teams and functional groups


All courses in the SoftO2 course catalog can be delivered to teams. The format is instructor-led live online or onsite. This is valid for both the Agile team courses and the functional role courses

Team training steps

We treat each organisation and team as a unique case. For this reason we recommend a set of steps so that we fully understand the client's needs and goals, create the best proposals, and deliver custom-fit training that enables organisations/teams to apply skills immediately in their environment:

Client requests SoftO2 to obtain a high-level quote and optionally a discussion about goals and customisation (step 2).
During the first interaction with SoftO2, the Client indicates the high-level training goals and preferred time frame for the training. A SoftO2 training team member explains high-level content and terms of the offering.

SoftO2 Trainer discusses training goals and customisation options with Client's team
Client's representative(s) articulate targeted benefits, existing skill levels, and technical parameters. SoftO2 Trainer explains recommended training format, customisation options and terms. A Q&A ensures that no questions remain unanswered. If needed, these discussion can take place under NDA.

SoftO2 creates training proposal, for review and sign-off by the Client
Based on the technical discussion, SoftO2 proposes at least two alternatives of course offerings including detailed outlines, timeline, and terms. Multiple offerings enable the Client to balance customisation versus cost. Client and SoftO2 subsequently agree on training content, format, instructor, dates and terms.

SoftO2 Trainer prepares customised courseware and wiki with resource materials
Based on the earlier discussion about training goals and parameters, and based on additional data such as sample requirements, project plans, design documents or test plans/test cases, the designated SoftO2 Trainer customises the materials, exercises and case studies.

SoftO2 Trainer delivers training to the Client's team (live onsite or live online)
In addition to instruction, examples, exercises/simulations and case studies, the SoftO2 Trainer provides initial coaching in order to tackle Client's immediate challenges.

SoftO2 Trainer delivers post-training support to Client's team
In order to guarantee successful application of acquired skills in the Client's daily project environment, the SoftO2 Trainer remains engaged for a period of at least 12 months to answer any questions via email, phone or video conference.